Thursday, December 13, 2007

They couldn't be more wrong

Apparently, Cox Cable thinks I don't care if they replace Pushing Daisies with a telethon. They are wrong. Anywho, you can still watch last night's episode online. Check out the fantastic cosies knitted for Chuck's beehives:


yarn whore said...

my hair totally needs a beehive cozy... actually, maybe a rat's nest cozy due to the lack of hair styling appliances i have that run on batteries. my tivo is sad... no new Pushing Daisies this week :(

KnottyLady said...

I've seen your hair. There's nary a nest. You look fluffy and warm.

And you can watch the episode online. Man, was I irritated last night. I kept checking ABC every few minutes hoping they would run it but it NEVER HAPPENED! The rudeness will not be tolerated.

Marisa said...

I absolutely love Chucks wardrobe, especially her winter wardrobe. Those cozies are so cute, I wonder if Emerson knitted them haha

KnottyLady said...

I love it too. I would love to have her outfit from the roof.

And I bet dollars to donuts that Emerson knitted those beehive cosies for her -- in a begrudging Shoemaker's elves sort of way.