Thursday, January 17, 2008

A knitting haiku

I wrote a little knitting haiku for Yarn Whore.


Yarn is fun to buy.
But you have to be careful,
Cause you can’t eat yarn.

It sort of has a Deep Thoughts sort of feel to it, no?

Pictured: a stunt cat stands in for KnottyKitty who is a not allowed near yarn or knitted products because that would be like waving Baileys in front of an alcoholic.

Edited to add: It has come to our attention that the stunt cat, also known as Lily, attempted to eat the above scarf shortly after this picture was taken. Is there a feline conspiracy afoot? Is Lily somehow in cahoots with KnottyKnitty? Did they meet in yarn rehab? Oh, the drama!


yarn whore said...

i LOVE the haiku for me... you were able to make it work out without having to use a random word at the end like "carrots". The Yarn Whore is not good at haikus, but would like to learn!

madalyn said...

Nice haiku, and I'm glad my cat could stand in for KnottyKitty. :)

KnottyLady said...

Your kitty is beautiful! And clearly better behaved than mine!

Natalie said...

Just a Lily fan stopping by! :)