Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Romance Under the Stars

OK, so Valentine's Day is coming and for the first time ever, Mr. Knotty and crew are hosting Romance Under the Stars.* It's a Valentine's Day dinner in the TASM Planetarium, complete with a star show all about the torrid tales of love behind the Greek constellations. Champagne included.

Of course I am volunteering and you are all invited to attend/volunteer if you are interested. But I must tell you my moment of panic:

Mr. Knotty's co-worker asked him to ask me what kind of costume I will be wearing. Now listen here. I'm not a wrinkled old prune yet but I am not wearing a toga. It's not going to happen. Perhaps I can be persuaded into cupid-esk accessories like wings and a bow and arrow, but I draw the line at bedsheets. My Delta house days are over.

In honor of V-Day, I think I'll knit up some hearts. Want to join me?

* Call (918) 834-9900 x 123 for information and reservations. RSVP by February 11, 2008.


Knotty Mama said...

Those little hearts are so cute I could eat 'em up. So, my 4yr old nephew calls me yesterday. "Amy, tan you make me a tarf? And some gloves and a hat? I need 'em for tool (school) tomorrow."

I could hear his mother laughing in the background. Sure...I make her one scarf, and she's pimping me out. :)

KnottyLady said...

So cute! You better get crackin'. That's a lot of projects. When you make one, let's photograph it and put up a pattern called "Tarf."

I'm on backorder over here. Guck is getting restless for his requested long blue scarf and TC is demanding to know when his green one will be complete.