Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yarn in my nose, pizza in my teeth

Care to knit some pizza? The knitted slice on the left comes from the very talented Bittersweet blog.

If you'd prefer pizza of the more edible variety, I have just the thing. Recently, a knitting friend of mine said, "I've got yarn in my nose."* She also said, "Post that pizza recipe on your blog." So here's the most deeeeee-rishious pizza evahhhh.

This recipe is for real Chicago deep dish pizza. It is from my husband’s side of the family – and being from Chicago, they know what they’re doing. The crust recipe was apparently given to someone who knew someone from a famous restaurant there. It takes quite a bit of time – but you can save yourself labor by using a mixer for the kneading and mixing.

KnottyLady Pizza

1 cup warm water
1 pkg quick-rise yeast
¼ cup corn oil
1/8 cup olive oil
1 ½ cups plus 1 ¼ cups flour
¼ cup cornmeal
1/8 tsp salt
1 28-oz can whole tomatoes
1 T garlic powder
2 good pinches dried oregano
2 lbs mozzarella cheese, shredded
as much pepperoni, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed onions or any other toppings as you want & will fit in the pizza without flowing over

In a large bowl, combine warm water and yeast. Let sit until yeast bubbles – about 5 minutes. Add oils, cornmeal, 1 ½ cups flour and garlic powder. Stir for 10 to 15 minutes. Slowly add remaining flour and salt. Kneed for 20 minutes.

Turn the oven to Warm and put your cast iron skillet in. While the skillet is warming, let the dough rise in the bowl for 30 minutes to an hour. (If it's a little cold outside, I set the bowl on top of the stove to pick up the residual heat from the oven).

After the dough has risen, take the warm cast iron skillet out of the oven. Put the dough into the skillet and push it out and up against the sides, forming your crust -- be careful of your fingers!

Turn the oven up to 350 degrees F.

Put half the cheese in crust. Add toppings on top of the cheese. Put remaining cheese on top. Sprinkle with oregano. Open up the can of tomatoes. Grab a tomato and crush it with your hand – letting the juice fall back into the can. Put the smooched tomato on top of the pizza and repeat until all the cheese is covered in tomato. Discard the liquid.

Bake at 350 degrees F for 45 minutes to an hour – until the crust turns golden. Let stand at least 30 minutes. If you can’t control yourself and wait for the pizza to cool, you will end up with pizza soup. Believe me – I have done this.

*This has nothing to do with anything on this post but it was so funny I had to include in somehow.


Phara said...

You're too good to me...and I think it's still in my nose. Won't be there tomorrow night :(
Having my son's birthday celebrations.

KnottyLady said...

Happy birthday to your cute son!

Logan said...

New York pizza > Chicago pizza

But I'll try that, I've never made my own pizza before.

KnottyLady said...

Blasphemy, Logan! Blasphemy! :)

Let me know how it turns out.

Anonymous said...

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