Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I died on Monday

Killed by a hat. It was a pretty hat, so it was OK.
YarnWhore and I participated in HatAttack, an international knitting competition in which competitors race to complete a hat from a designated pattern and mail it to their "target" ensuring their death.

And by "participated" I mean we spent eight hours on Saturday knotting yarn into a complete and total mess.

Because by "designated pattern" I mean a two-page, surely-untested, unclearly written, needs-to-be-cross-referenced bit 'o blather.

I was unlucky enough to target a kind woman in Ontario. By that I mean, she's a gem -- but Priority Mail to Canada is $23 for the cheapest get-it-there-in-ten-days-rate.

But I was lucky enough to be targeted by a fabulous woman in Philadelphia. And by that I mean, look at cool hat she made me! With a skull and cross bones pin. And a delightfully dark card.
The hat is hot pink and purple-ish grey. She told me she looked at this blog for color ideas. Clearly, she has her knitting act together. And by "together" I mean, I feel horrible that she has to finish the hat I was supposed to make and mail it to Canada. That doesn't seem fair.
And by "finish" I mean I completed three rows. Which are probably wrong so she'll have to tear them out. And hate me.

Please note: I am not completely cable-disabled. I am now working on the Cable Couture Bag from Loops. We're getting along just fine, thank you.

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Phara said...

You crack me up. And by that I mean hilarious, not drug related. Although I could have used a mind altering substance after I made my hat. And by that I mean vodka. Gorgeous hat, by the way. And by that I mean you better sleep with one eye open after your target sees what you sent her :)