Monday, February 4, 2008

She's makin more than babies

From KnottyMama:

And here's a pic of my "should've-never-tried-this-without-supervision" scarf. Not even close to finished. In fact, I have such low hopes for this one, I wrapped it around my dog's favorite chew toy. Ah well...

I'm going to disagree. It looks very cute. KnottyKitty would like to add that it looks like "lemon lime deliciousness."

It's going to be fantastic. Keep going.


yarn whore said...

Yay KnottyMama! How do you always find such lovely models for all of your scarves? Do you have to pay them by the job or the hour? You are so much braver than I to venture into the "switching of the colors". How is the bun doing btw?

knottymama said...

There's quite a talent pool in Inola. Hefty sitting fees, but so worth it - don'tcha think?
Bun is doing well. Feels like he's break dancing sometimes. If only I could knit parachute pants.