Monday, February 4, 2008

Tasty socks

I have given birth to my first pair of socks. I've named one "NY" and the other "Giants." They're fraternal twins. You may notice the one on the right is slightly larger. I hope it doesn't cause issues for them at school.

Here's a close up of the heel:

They look a little blue in the first picture. The close up has a more accurate color. The yarn is Tofutsie, made on size 1 1/2 double pointed needles.

When KnottyKnitty saw they were finished, he whipped out his cookbook to determine if they would go better with a Bernaise sauce or marinara. I reminded him that Humane Society accepts returns. He walked away in a huff. I think he's probably throwing up on rug somewhere for revenge.


knottymama said...

I'm torn between admiration and envy. Let's go with admiration since it's not one of the 7 deadly.
They look muy warm and cozy. Almost as though they require hot cocoa and a good book to reach their full potential. Speaking of a good book... read "eat pray love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I'm half-way through and totally hooked on the author.
Congrats on the slammin' socks. Well done KnottyLady, well done.

KnottyLady said...

Thanks, KM! As soon as you are more centrally located, I will teach you -- they aren't as hard as they seem.

The library is getting Eat Pray Love for me as we speak (type)!