Friday, February 1, 2008

We heart knitting - and transgender rabbits

YarnWhore has caught knitty fever. That's a big bundle of little MochiMochi hearts in her hand.

And here's the earflap of a hat being knitted up for Soon-to-be-Mr-YarnWhore.

And of course, YarnWhore's obligatory jackalope. We are planning to knit him a new nose. Something to match his antler accessories.

Please note: No jacklopes were injured in the posting of this blog. This particular jackalope followed YarnWhore home from a garage sale. She fed him and, well, next thing you know, he won't go away. He made himself comfortable on her wall and once the cross-dressing started she couldn't just turn him out onto the streets. We're not monsters, you know.

1 comment:

yarn whore said...

Sassy Mr. Jackalope feels so pretty with his glittery antler dangles. He told me how happy he is to finally have a pic on the blog. He's so fancy.