Monday, April 21, 2008

Going buggy

No bugs! The potential yarn-holder has no pests chewing upon it. Bit ‘o old bug damage and spots of wood rot, but no current nasty critters.

Hurray, hurray! So we’re one step closer.

Next. we turn in our list of requested repairs and wait.

Perhaps someday soon we will get to have a home. So then we can get a dog. And I can knit him outfits like this, just so I can call him “Lil Stinker.”

Incidentally, Going Buggy was the name of the play in which my youngest sister made her stage debut. She was in kindergarten and played a moth. Her big number was to the tune of Mr. Frog Went A Courtin’. Her line was “I spread out the tablecloth, um hum. Um hum.” But we taught her to sing it like Ethel Merman: “I spread ouuuuuut the taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaablecloth! UH HUH! Uh HUH!”

Good times.

Puppahies courtesy Muttropolis.

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