Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yarn holder

I’m feeling pretty confident about this. It’s been nearly two-years coming, with lots of evil-villain-tying-a-maiden-to-the-train-tracks scenarios, but I think we might finally be getting a house. We have a contract (good). We just had the full-home inspection (good). There don’t seem to be many repairs to do (good). The bank says we’re cool (good).
Of course, this is the Knotty Family. We’ve had previous contracts in this city, which ended in either termites, wood rot, lying realtors, black mold of death or crazy ladies (bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad).

So you’ll understand my hesitation. The last inspection is Monday. The bug guy is coming. Please cross your fingers. And your toes. And the fingers and toes of your children, pets, spouse(s) and any imaginary friends or hallucinations you might have (I’m not here to judge).

Pictured: a red brick yarn-holder.


Kathy said...

Eveything is crossed!!!!! I love it! And yes, it is a lovely red brick yrn-holder!

KnottyLady said...

Thank you!