Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trick question



"If you were a vampire, would you risk my soul to turn me into a vampire so we could be together for ever or would you leave me human and watch me grow old because you couldn't risk my soul even though it meant losing me forever?"



"What's the right answer here, Amy?"

"Which would you pick?"

"Finish your book so we can have normal conversations again, please."


adrienne said...

So, in a normal conversation, does he ask you which constellation you would most like to be? Just curious.

KnottyLady said...

Normal conversations generally revolve around what we're having for dinner. Or string theory. You know, the usual.
Bonus point: Guess which I actually understand. Hint: Rhymes with "linner" "thinner" and "I totally don't understand string theory."

Bonnie Marr said...


could you tell me where to find the pattern for the OU illusion scarf?

thank you.


adrienne said...

You know, somebody explained String Theory to me once, and it totally made sense. But I can't remember it now. :(

Logan said...


Logan said...


I just started reading Twilight today, since it's been sitting on my desk for a while and I have a really boring job...

I'm halfway through it and like...MELTING. I feel like such a seventh grader. BUT IT'S SO GOOD.