Monday, February 18, 2008


As we type, KnottyMama is busy bringing a new life into our world. Very best wishes and gentle hugs!

Edited to add: It's a boy! Welcome little Jack!

Pictured: Cute -- but not as cute as Jack.

Jumpers for chickens

There are few words in the world that make me smile, no matter what my mood. "There are flowers for you at the front desk," works, as does "knitting jumpers for chickens." Yes, jumpers for chickens, which is how the British say, "Throwing yarn into the barnyard in such a way as to embarrass local poultry."

Other fabulous words include "tocks," "sale," "cheeeeeeese," and "As you wish."

Chicken couture courtesy
Mason-Dixon Knitting.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I died on Monday

Killed by a hat. It was a pretty hat, so it was OK.
YarnWhore and I participated in HatAttack, an international knitting competition in which competitors race to complete a hat from a designated pattern and mail it to their "target" ensuring their death.

And by "participated" I mean we spent eight hours on Saturday knotting yarn into a complete and total mess.

Because by "designated pattern" I mean a two-page, surely-untested, unclearly written, needs-to-be-cross-referenced bit 'o blather.

I was unlucky enough to target a kind woman in Ontario. By that I mean, she's a gem -- but Priority Mail to Canada is $23 for the cheapest get-it-there-in-ten-days-rate.

But I was lucky enough to be targeted by a fabulous woman in Philadelphia. And by that I mean, look at cool hat she made me! With a skull and cross bones pin. And a delightfully dark card.
The hat is hot pink and purple-ish grey. She told me she looked at this blog for color ideas. Clearly, she has her knitting act together. And by "together" I mean, I feel horrible that she has to finish the hat I was supposed to make and mail it to Canada. That doesn't seem fair.
And by "finish" I mean I completed three rows. Which are probably wrong so she'll have to tear them out. And hate me.

Please note: I am not completely cable-disabled. I am now working on the Cable Couture Bag from Loops. We're getting along just fine, thank you.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hat Attack

YarnWhore and KnottyLady were very busy on Saturday knitting Hat Attack hats. They were all smiles the first time they tried to knit the oh-so-complicated-but-didn't-need-to-be pattern. What is that I smell??? Death by a hat for sure next week!

Monday, February 4, 2008

She's makin more than babies

From KnottyMama:

And here's a pic of my "should've-never-tried-this-without-supervision" scarf. Not even close to finished. In fact, I have such low hopes for this one, I wrapped it around my dog's favorite chew toy. Ah well...

I'm going to disagree. It looks very cute. KnottyKitty would like to add that it looks like "lemon lime deliciousness."

It's going to be fantastic. Keep going.

Tasty socks

I have given birth to my first pair of socks. I've named one "NY" and the other "Giants." They're fraternal twins. You may notice the one on the right is slightly larger. I hope it doesn't cause issues for them at school.

Here's a close up of the heel:

They look a little blue in the first picture. The close up has a more accurate color. The yarn is Tofutsie, made on size 1 1/2 double pointed needles.

When KnottyKnitty saw they were finished, he whipped out his cookbook to determine if they would go better with a Bernaise sauce or marinara. I reminded him that Humane Society accepts returns. He walked away in a huff. I think he's probably throwing up on rug somewhere for revenge.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl stash

The Superbowl party at Loops proved to be heck on my wallet. However, WHAT a BARGIN! Ten percent off superwashed wool plus $20 off any purchase of $100. And beer. And we all brought food.

My favorite find at the sale was the Tempted sock yarn in the color "Wicked Witch." I sang Defying Gravity the whole way home.

By the way, here's me at Wicked in Chicago -- my Christmas present from Mr. Knotty. I'm kinda hunched over. I think that picture was taken mid-squeee! I was muy excited. According Mr. Knotty, I was squeezing my hands and crying through the whole thing. It was awesome.

Pictured top: KnottyKitty smells delicious yarn. The yellow and gold yarn is going to be a TU scarf for the auction at the Aviator Ball for TASM. There's also some pink and brown hat yarn, baby-hat yarn, fair aisle sock yarn, yarn for a Jayne hat, yarn for Hat Attack, and a Smitten Mitten pattern booklet.

Friday, February 1, 2008

We heart knitting - and transgender rabbits

YarnWhore has caught knitty fever. That's a big bundle of little MochiMochi hearts in her hand.

And here's the earflap of a hat being knitted up for Soon-to-be-Mr-YarnWhore.

And of course, YarnWhore's obligatory jackalope. We are planning to knit him a new nose. Something to match his antler accessories.

Please note: No jacklopes were injured in the posting of this blog. This particular jackalope followed YarnWhore home from a garage sale. She fed him and, well, next thing you know, he won't go away. He made himself comfortable on her wall and once the cross-dressing started she couldn't just turn him out onto the streets. We're not monsters, you know.