Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trick question



"If you were a vampire, would you risk my soul to turn me into a vampire so we could be together for ever or would you leave me human and watch me grow old because you couldn't risk my soul even though it meant losing me forever?"



"What's the right answer here, Amy?"

"Which would you pick?"

"Finish your book so we can have normal conversations again, please."

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Le Slouching on the job

So I finally finished Knit and Tonic's Le Slouche', a gift for my younger sister's birthday (yes, the birthday which occured three weeks ago). Modeled here by Gina Y of Loops and Marie of Five a Day. I used Debbie Bliss Aran Wool -- very squishy and soft. Loved it. Hate to mail it off. Now I just have to finish my brother's socks for his birthday (two days ago) and a purse for my other sister's birthday (a month and a half ago).

.....Um, scheduling issues, okay?

FINE! FINE! You want the truth? I'll give it to you! I've been reading Twilight, okay?!?!?! Is that what you wanted to hear? I, like every fourteen year-old girl on the planet, am now obsessed with a melodramiatic fictional teenage vampire, who, if the author can be believed, is just dreamy -- in a You Are My Density, I Mean My Destiny - like way (thanks to Adrienne for using George McFly to illustrate the point).

I'm halfway through the series, and terrified to look anywhere on the Internet for fear of spoilers.

Gawd. So embarrasing.

Pictured: teen angust is so sexy. Enough to get over the creepiness of a one-hundred-year-old dead guy in love with a seventeen year-old-live-girl. I wish my husband could carry me on his back as he ran through the woods. Wait, ... he can. ..."Training for a marathon" or vampire hiding as astronomer? He works in the dark, loves red meat. It. All. Makes. Sense. I'm the luckiest girl in the wooooooorld.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How did I get in this nutshell?

I finally found both the camera/computer cord and the time to write. Horray!

OK, so here's everything in a nutshell.

We're going to London! More on that in a later post.
Catch Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Doogie Houser sings, and so does Captian Tight Pants (scroll for the photo). Absolutly wonderful. It starts a bit slow, but hang in there. It's worth it. The song "Laundry Day" is so heart-breakingly sweet. You can watch it for free at the link or download it on iTunes.

I went to some great fiction writing workshops at Conestoga. It was really helpful, particulary the lessons led by Shanna Swendson and Deborah LeBlanc. I've been a fan of Shanna's Enchanted Inc series and now I'm reading Deborah's "A House Divided." Check them out.

The newset addition to our home, KnottyKittyJunior is fitting in quite nicely. He and KnottyKitty are now inseperable. This was not always the case, as you can see from this photo which I have entitled: Waiting for New Sheets or If I Ignore You, You Will Go Away.

And since several people have asked about the house, here's a nutshell recap:

We bought our first house. That's MrKnotty, me and our Realtor on closing day. The house was built in 1929 and in need of some refurbishment. The first night, MrKnotty and I had pizza and champagne for dinner and slept on the floor in sleeping bags in order to officially be in our new house before KnottyBrother could move into his new house (ha, beat you!)

The next day, we started refinishing the hardwood floors. We have decided it is our mission in life to warn others not to do the same.
In the end, I think we threw away four bags of our floor. And had severe rashes. And crabby temperments.
Then the staining and coating (I believe you've heard that story).

Then painting.

And painting. And painting.

Somewhere in there, we had a storm. MrKnotty's hobby of climbing trees with saws continued, with me on the speed dial for the ER. Luckily, we had no trip to the doctor. This time. (MrKnotty's slogan: "Ask me about my scars!")

Then the organization began -- starting with a pot-lid rack in the kitchen (which, oddly enough was located NO WHERE in the state. I had to order one from the Container Store. Why? I have no idea. I got a deer-in-the-headlights look from every kitchen-supply-store employee I asked.). The most recent work was hanging the shelves to hold my yarn jars. Pictured here in-progress with the assistance of KnottyKittyJunior.
You may recall the previous color pallette: Baby Poop Yellow (living room and hallway), Insane Asylum Creepy Dirty White (office and guest room), and my favorite, Silly Puddy Pink (kitchen walls and ceiling -- oh, yes, the ceiling too).

Here's the living room now.

And here's the dining room. We recovered the chairs this weekend.

And the kitchen. You'll notice that not only is it white with cabinets which match one another, but we installed new lighting (I heart my potrack/light combo).

The kitchen shelves have been cute-ified as well. Thanks to Colorcrazed who suggested the red on the shelves.

Hallway, complete with cats.

And the office. Please notice the shelves with ginormous jars of yarn. There's another one just like it on the facing wall. In the bottom right, you'll notice my Amy Butler Knitting bag. Que retro, no?

We still have quite a lot to do. The bedrooms, bathrooms and pantry need to be painted and we have furniture and wall decorations to buy (I almost wrote "wall decor," but it sounded too Pier One.) and the yard to tackle, but I think we've come a long way in a short time. We start on the guest bedroom this weekend.

I just spotted a squirrell digging in my peppers. Have to run. Bad squirrell!