Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fill 'er up

Mr. Knotty would like me to tell you all to fill up your cars tonight. Snow is on the way and we don't know how crazy (crazier) it's going to get here.

Knotty Mama: If you're out there, let us know how you are doing in Inola.

Picture courtesy of Tommy C.'s frozen lawn furniture.


Knotty Mama said...

Hello Knotty ladies! We finally have power in Inola. You all would've been so proud...with no lights, I sported my hubby's hunting hat which has a night vision light attached, just so I could keep knitting! Redneck crafting at its best :) I've finished my 1st scarf and now half way through my 2nd which will be a Christmas gift for my sister in law - I'm so proud!!!

KnottyLady said...

I would LOVE to have a picture of that. Extreme knitting!

I'm glad you have the miracle of electricity again.

Take care!

Knotty Mama said...

Brett actually tried to take a pic, but it was too dark. I thought about buying fingerless gloves in case there's another power outage and we lose heat. NOTHING will stop me from completing this 2nd scarf. It's plum colored and I heart it.

Katy said...

Once the soft fluffy yarn has you in its clutches, it will never let you go! The lack of power (and now lack of cable tv) has me almost out of yarn. Damn... that means I have to go buy more... ow, ow, quit twisting my arm! I am super jealous of the night vision knitting... sounds like a new class you could teach all of us! :)