Friday, January 11, 2008

Screw Omaha

Listen, missy. Just because you've made a mighty fine scarf doesn't mean you can go off gallivanting about Nebraska restoring art and such. And who is going to do the thankless job of answering the phone? And how exactly is the broken dishwasher going to be needlessly filled? (sniff) Didn't think about THAT did you, miss Master's Degree? You better just check that attitude and..what? No, we're not crying. We just have something in our eye. Don't try to change the subject. This isn't about (sniff) us. OK, fine.

Good luck out there. Remember, you've dealt with Pam -- ergo you can deal with anything. Now go out there and make the art of the world more pretty. Don't worry about us. We'll just have some crazy-ass lunatic disconnecting calls and smacking on chewing gum. As it should be.

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