Thursday, March 20, 2008

Killer cupcakes

For Sunday at Loops, I made these cupcakes:

Cute, yes? Sweet, innocent and ..... deadly?

OK, so I got the idea from a recent Martha Stewart Show which highlighted knitting. The marzipan knitted decorations are the idea of VeganYumYum and though time consuming (three hours with the help of my husband-assistant), are not difficult. I used this recipe. In the past, I've always been a fan of Everyday Food but this recipe..not so much. The icing was REALLY buttery and the cupcakes were pretty much banana nut muffins -- without the nuts or spices. But they were cute.

I had some leftover when we were leaving, so I set one aside for the owner, Shelley. She bit into it as she was driving to pick up her daughter. And then spit it out. Because Shelley is highly allergic to bananas.

So I guess what I'm saying is: Shelley, I swear I wasn't trying to kill you. :)


knotty mama said...

those are amazing! your talents seem to be endless...and tasty :) miss you!

KnottyLady said...

Thanks, you! Miss you too.
P.S. Your little man is HANDSOME!

amplifiedprojects said...

So cute these are adorable cupcakes! By the way I'm a classmate of your sister's at UTD, she showed me your blog because I also knit

KnottyLady said...

Thanks! :)