Monday, February 14, 2011

Lazy Days skirt

Well, here's my first baby-sewing project. It was super easy and very quick. I bought several different fabrics and ribbons to make a few different skirts. This one was Valentine's Day themed with little hearts and zebras (not that zebras have anything to do with Valentine's Day, unless you are having a very romantic holiday in Africa...)

The Lazy Days skirt pattern comes free from Oliver + S. I am so impressed with her patterns, I recently purchased several. If you've ever found yourself in front of a sewing machine, surrounded by cut fabric, pattern tissue laying hither and tither, a broken needle and frustration mounting as you scream "WHAT does this pattern MEEEEEEEEEEEEAN? I have NO IDEA what this MEEEEEEEEEANS!" (What? Just me?) -- then these patterns are for you. They are written very clearly, no sobbing phone calls to more sewing-machine savvy relatives needed.

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janimal said...

Nice work! The skirt was my intro to O & S patterns also and I just fell in love with them. Happy sewing!