Saturday, January 7, 2012


So the other day I wore my poncho -- the one I made with yarn I bought at the Quarter Stitch in the New Orleans French Quarter, waaaaaaay back when. Little Knotty was enthralled and told me she wanted a pon-CHO too. So we walked into the Yarn Stash Room -- which my husband still insists on calling "our office." She chose this Chunky Mochi. It was one of my last-yarn-buying-at-Loops purchases and was originally supposed to be a hat. But since the hat hasn't happened yet, and would, like all things, be cuter on Little Knotty than me, I agreed.

Mr. Knotty and I watched Munich that night and I was glad to have somewhere other than the very-violent-movie to focus my attention. This knit up very quickly and with just two skeins on Chunky Mochi, plus a little scrap yarn (Drops, I think, left over from the purse I knit my mom).

Little Knotty is a very appreciative knitted-gift receiver. She has been proudly showing off her pon-CHO to everyone.

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