Saturday, November 10, 2007

We missed you

Dear Amy W.,

We had an impromptu knitting session today and since you couldn't be there, I thought I would include you on what we covered.

Topics included:

1. Amy P's sock class and how she managed not to kill anyone even though she was frustrated and armed with five knitting needles.
2. Heather learned how to cast-on and knit.
3. Katy is on scarf number 5,978 -- or something along those lines.
4. Natasha probably had a really good time at the beach on her vacation.
5. How is Amy W. doing?
6. Amy W. really needs to register with before people start purchasing ill-advised baby presents for her.
7. Certain members of the circle are developing an unhealthy yarn-buying addiction.

Pictured: Totally unrelated rabbit -- but it's cute, right?

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