Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A boy and his dog

Look at them. Lazy. Bored. Totally not expecting what was soon to befall them.....

MrKnotty's Christmas present! A fabulous Great Dane from our local rescue!

He named her after the Greek goddess of the night sky -- notice the black fur and the white stars on her paws. I have never met a more hilarious dog. She melts: she leans and leans and leans on you, until she ends up in a heap of boneless puppy on the floor. (Cue Wicked Witch noises: "I'm meeeeeeelting, meeeetling...")

She leaps straight up into the air at food time -- getting all four paws off the ground at least six inches -- when she's calm.

She loves the cats and belly-crawls around them as if to say "I come in peace." The kitten loves being around her. KnottyKitty, not so much -- yet.

She is a fashionista who prompts us to put on her fancy collar, nudging it with her nose, and when we pick it up, dipping her head into it.

She sits, stays, shakes, heals and lays down on on command. Que cute!


OkieMama said...

Oh my, I'm SO behind on reading your blog. I'll need a week to catch up. Miss you. Oh, and I started a blog last week. I'm clearly a newbie, so any suggestions are welcome. Here 'tis the address:

KnottyLady said...

I love it! Happy blogging!