Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stick a star in your stocking

And now a word from our sponsor (my husband, the Bill Payer):

Need a last-minute gift? Adopt a star from the Tulsa Air & Space Museum and Planetarium.

It comes with a beuuuutiful certificate of adoption (watercolored by yours truly, logo-ed by my talented sister), a star map and a bunch of other stuff. All stars are viewable by the naked eye. All proceeds support the museum. Costs range from $30 - $1000, depending upon the star and package. Name your favorite star, animal, day -- they'll help you pick out a star to match.

For more info, call Chris at the TASM Planetarium (918) 834-9900 ext 401.

....And I promise to add the rest of the England trip here soon. For reals.
UPDATE: Did you see MrKnotty on FOX today talking about the Adopt a Star program? My man is media-savvy.

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